Inkodeo.one is a crafting bench composed of two passionate amateurs working hard on a daily basis to deliver fun games and multimedia experiences.


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  • !.drafter
  • The multimedia factory
  • IIB & Cocotte commando

What is Hyperion?

You are interested in one of our project, so why not become our coach and then get the working sources and own your game on the store... We can help making you a game publisher.

How much does it cost ?

Well it depend the number of days we are working on it. For exemple Iaido is back takes us 60 hours to prepare. But the preparation is our mission! Next, the prototype is ready to upgrade and to finalize. That will be your mission. We are working per sessions of quad days... for the cost of 500(Euros), we get the half after fiscalization. If you read the net a bit you will see that it is not much :)

What/How do we do?

You are the game designer and director and you manage the project transparently days after days based on a pomodoro tracking application we will put at your disposal.

  • You estimate the development is done and wanna get the all package(source & assets). Just ask after any quad and you become the owner of the product.
  • You want the perform some updates, it's easy, just reconduct another quad

Who can become an Hyperion?

If you are belgian and major, you can engage us and sign our contract. We work with a coopérative mind trough the SMartBe.be common enterprise :)